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Replicant 01

Genoid robot


From the series «Replicant», of androids and genoids. Inspired by the movie Blade runner and the song «we are the robots» by Kraftwerk.

Here you can see the process:


Deprivatization of deads

That’s the title of a campaign for people in Medellín to care about the homicides and to not take it for granted in a violent, even though in transformation society. To reduce the homicides, first we have to care about the people and repudiate this facts of intolerance.

Site of the campaign: http://nocopio.com/



Reconstruction of an extinct animal that lived near 60 million years ago, right after the domain of the dinosaurs and before the domain of the mammals. That is called the Paleocene era.

Diatryma or Gastornis, as known in the US and Europe respectively, but with little certainty if are different genres or the same. At that time, the continents were joined. Anyway, they are called «terror birds», but again, studies have shown that their diet may not have been just about eating small mammals nor proto-horses.


Biblioteca España

Biblioteca España

Ilustración basada en foto. Arquitectura obra de Giancarlo Mazzanti

El nombre de la biblioteca es España, pero queda en Medellín. Invadiendo uno de los barrios más inaccesibles, creado también por invasión de personas que poco a poco se adherían a la ciudad, pero la propia gobernación los acoge al entrar y darle a la comunidad un espacio digno para la investigación y el conocimiento.

Este edificio es obra de Giancarlo Mazzanti, arquitecto Colombiano y Barranquillero.


The name of the library is Spain, but it’s located in Medellín (Colombia). Invading one of the neighborhoods of most difficult access, created also by invasion of people that little by little where adding to the city, but the government welcomes them by entering and giving the community a space worthy for the investigation and knowledge.

This building is the work of Giancarlo Mazzanti, Colombian architect, born in Barranquilla.


Melkor and Ungoliant


Melkor gets trapped in the black web of Ungoliant as it asks him form more feed that he promised her. But she just can’t quench her appetite. Ungoliant dares to do that to a sort of god that is Melkor, and soon it will regret.

Based on The Silmarillion, written by J. R. R. Tolkien.


Sketching at the zoo


pecari medellin


bison medellin

Animales relajándose en el zoológico Santa Fe, en Medellín (Colombia). Gouache.

Animals chilling out at the zoo Santa Fe, in Medellín (Colombia). Gouache.


Plaza de flores


Plaza de flores, en el marco de la feria de las flores. Visto desde el Museo de arte moderno de Medellín. Gouache sobre papel durex.


Square of flowers, in the frame of the fair of flowers. Seen from the museum of modern Art of Medellín. Gouache on Durex paper.


Urban Sketch


Gouache hecho junto al grupo Urban Sketchers de Medellín. Parroquia Jesus de Nazareth.

Gouache done with the Urban Sketchers group of Medellín. Parish Jesus of Nazareth.


Lunch Sketches 2

studies o composition sketches

Esta es otra recopilación de estudios de composición hechos durante el almuerzo. Se empieza a ver una tendencia. Espero que los disfruten.




This is another collection of composition studies made during lunch. We can start to see a trend. I hope yo enjoy them.